Council’s Corner

Blessing Boxes

The residents of Roy City are known for their generosity and kindness. One of the ways we show this is through our Blessing Boxes (pantries with donated, free food for people in need) that we’ve had for several years. Recently, through donations from residents and employees, the pantries were upgraded to full-size cabinets.

The Blessing Boxes are located at the west edge of Memorial Park (about 5010 S. 2000 W.) and in the Public Works administration parking lot (5525 S. 2626 W.). The city has provided the locations but does not own or operate them.

If you are able to donate, these items work well for food and toiletry pantries: soups, peanut butter, canned meats/tuna, boxed potatoes, rice, and rice/pasta sides, Hamburger and Tuna Helper, pasta of all types, canned vegetables, and fruit. (Canned beans are discouraged.) Toiletries, personal care items, diapers, and wipes are appreciated.

Fresh fruit, meat, or vegetables should not be left because the Blessing Boxes are not temperature controlled. Other donation sites are better for clothing, toys, furniture, etc. Donated items should be for those who need basic necessities and should not be used, previously opened, or expired.

Thank you to everyone who have helped make these Blessing Boxes successful.
Joe Paul | City Council


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