Roy’s Above and Beyond

by Hailey Minton

Glenda Moore is an ambassador of goodwill and a leader by example. After she retired, she started attending city council meetings and became a visible presence in three Roy City-focused Facebook groups. Jake Draper said, “Glenda is patient and finds answers where most don’t even know where to look. She doesn’t want a spotlight; she just wants to make the world a better place.” Chris Liberatore Lewis said, “She posts the agendas and the minutes for city council and planning commission meetings. She also spends countless hours keeping the city’s Blessing Boxes organized and making sure that what’s been left there is not expired and is needed. She also volunteers on the Roy Beautification Committee.” Patrick Barrett said, “I do not know Glenda personally; however, [I] get the vibe through her non confrontational, non controversial, sincere, helpful responses to our city Facebook page that she is a down-to-earth good person. I would enjoy catching up with her in person one day to thank her for all of the help that she provides to me and my friends here in Roy.”

We will probably never know the full extent of Glenda’s impact on Roy since she prefers to go unnoticed. She just hopes more people will get involved in the community.


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