SHOP ROY – Buy Local

By Roy Business Advisory Board

The folks at Angler’s Den, located at 5348 S. 1900 W. (801) 773-1166 near Harmons, aim to provide you with everything you need for a day fishing on the river or lake. They have more than 75 years of combined experience, so you know they are well versed in the sport! The store offers a huge selection of clothing, tackle, rods and reels, hooks, nets, bags, waders, gloves, jigs, spinners, and much, much more. You will find everything you need for a relaxing, productive day of fishing in this one convenient location. (Tip: if your favorite fishing rod has seen better days, bring it in and let them get it back into prime working condition!)

These friendly professionals will guide you to the right fishing gear – not the most expensive pieces. Fishing is their passion; they love to share their knowledge. Their staff can give you a firsthand fishing report of local waters as well as fishing out of state.

Dresswell Cleaners Laundry Service at 1840 W. 5300 S. (801) 825-6211 has provided laundry services and outstanding customer service for over 30 years. Dresswell has a reputation for perfection, quality, and loyalty to their customers.

These folks are a welcome part of our community – and nearby communities appreciate them as well. When Ogden Officer Nate Lyday was killed on duty, they offered free dry cleaning to all officers in his city to help lighten their load for the funeral. At the height of the pandemic, they offered pickup and delivery options. During more than one holiday season, they have collected new and used blankets, cleaning each before they were delivered to the homeless. As they say, “Be the good! Be kind! Pay it forward in some small way.”

Not only do these folks have hearts of gold, they are skilled! People rave over their skill at restoring dirtied, sad wedding dresses. They’ll clean dress shirts, sweaters, coats, and other attire, as well as comforters, quilts, and heavy blankets. Did you know they have a seamstress who does alterations and hemming at reasonable prices?


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