Message from Mayor Dandoy

Mayor Robert Dandoy

It is official: The Roy City Council approved allowing residents to establish Internal Accessory Dwelling Units or IADUs within existing single-family homes. These are better understood as rentable apartments, with the hope they will be affordable. There are some requirements a homeowner must follow to establish an apartment in a home, so please contact the city if you have questions.

This month, the Roy Water Conservancy District will provide the date when the secondary water will be shut-off. The reason for the early shut-off is because of the extreme drought condition we are experiencing. How well we continue to conserve water will ultimately determine that date. Please keep conserving water when and where you can. Watch for notification from the district or the city. Also, consider taking advantage of the Flip your Strip Incentive Program. Removing the lawn in your parking strip and replacing it with water-wise landscaping will save an estimated 5,000 to 8,000 gallons of water each year. The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District could pay you up to $1.25 per square foot. You must contact the district at 801-771-1677 or for more details.

Next month, October 18-30, Roy City will make the dumpsters available for disposing of your trash and green waste. They will be in the Public Works Department area on 2700 West. There is no cost for you to use them, but you must bring your waste to the Public Works facility. Consider helping your neighbor if they cannot help themselves. There are a couple of restrictions, so please read the rules on the city’s website under Community Programs. It is important to start planning now.

With summer winding down and outdoor recreational activities ending, remember the city placed five RV dump stations in front of the Public Works Administration building at 2626 W 5525 S in Roy. They are open any time you need to use them.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, so be safe and keep your family safe.
Mayor Robert Dandoy


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