Community Influencer



  1. a person who influences
  2. a person who has the power to influence many people
  3. a member of a community who has garnered the trust and respect of fellow community members


IN THIS ISSUE, we are excited to present to you a group of community influencers. If you are internet savvy, that term has become more and more ubiquitous as brands the world over seek to get positive impact from an internet “influencer.” If you are less inclined to spend time on social media, this term might be less familiar. The way we define it is the people in our community who have a positive influence over others through their leadership, success, and desire to give back. These members of our community have been nominated by their peers as outstanding performers and leaders. Some are up-and-coming rising stars, and others are long established authorities.

The thing we have found as we have the unique opportunity to get to know both community and business influencers is that, among these folks, there is a sincere desire to do good. These spotlights have highlighted that desire in many of these influencers, from the choices people make regarding what they will do for work to the extra ways people give back and make an effort to make our community better.


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