Tara Goodson: Ability Before Disability


Tara Goodson is a lifelong citizen of Roy City, and she loves serving her community. Recently, she won the title of 2021 National Ms. American Coronet. She has volunteered at Roy Days multiple times and organized food drives to donate to the local food bank and community blessing boxes. She has spent countless hours helping local families at Christmas. Tara is currently collecting donations to help needy families in the community get the back-to-school supplies their children will need in the fall.

Look for her in the Roy Days Parade on Saturday, August 7th. She was nominated to be the grand marshal of the parade. Her sister, Tiffany Goodson, said, “She has been involved in local pageants since 2016, and in May of this year, she won a national title! She is one of only a handful of women with a disability to win a national title within the Miss American Coronet Organization.”

The American Coronet Pageant is an achievement and character-based pageant for women and girls of all ages throughout the United States. It is a program for women and girls who deserve recognition for their leadership and community involvement. Tara participated in the Ms. Division of the Miss America Coronet Pageant for women between the ages of 29-31 years old. Tara has Down Syndrome, and she was the only participant in her age group with a disability. Her platform revolves around helping people focus more on abilities instead of disabilities. She wants to help the world see people for what they can do instead of what they can’t.

Congratulations Tara
You’re Amazing!


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