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Council’s Potpourri this month

Roy Days
Come reunite and celebrate August 5th – 7th. The Salmon Bake is Thursday, the 5th. Booths, entertainment, and more are on Friday and Saturday. Don’t miss the parade Saturday at 9 a.m. I do a bit of fiddling around and will be playing on Friday at 6 p.m. Come join the fun. Visit for details.

This is a hot topic for sure. In visiting with our Roy Conservancy Water District, the concern of running out of water before October 1st is real! Yellow is the new green—let’s wear it with a badge of honor.

Kelly Kopp, USU water conservation and turfgrass specialist, recommends drought watering priorities:
• Trees–provide shade, coolness, and oxygen and are the most valuable plants in your landscape
• Shrubs—filter dust and pollution and dampen noise
• Perennials—roots improve soil
• Annuals—pollen for bees and food for hummingbirds
• Turfgrass—grasses are the toughest and enter dormancy. 1” of water per week will keep it alive.

Visit for restrictions

Thanks to the 100+ who attended the Town Hall regarding the Station Area mixed-use proposal. We are weighing your comments. Your continued input is important!

General Plan
The General Plan outlines the direction and focus of our city for the next 20+ years. If you missed the July 27th open house, please bring your neighbors to the August 24th open house at Bridge Academy, 4824 Midland Drive, from 6-8 p.m. This is a big deal for Roy, and we need your involvement!

Thanks to our dedicated staff and you as citizens for your participation.

I look forward to seeing you at Roy Days!
Diane Wilson


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