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5978 S. 1900 W. Open Thursday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
It’s that time of year when we turn our faces to the sun and walk out into the yard, pleased that the weather is warming up. After we’ve made sure the sprinklers are working, the grass is coming out of its yellow dormancy, and some of the spring flowers are blooming, we may be turning to thoughts of a little more “art” that will make the yard interesting without using more water during the summer.

This is when we realize that there is a business in Roy City called Pretty Yard Art. A visit here will be a delight. There are many cute, clever, and sometimes kitschy items – custom windmills, wooden carts, and lots of metal decorations such as cactus, flowers, roosters, insects, animals, signs, vehicles, and more. A new shipment arrived the end of May.

Plant some annual flowers in colorful talavera pottery and brighten up the front porch. Or fill a clay pot with petunias and tuck it into a funny chicken or flamingo planter in a planting bed. Remove that water-guzzling grass in your parking strip and replace it with local plants that need less water. Place a variety of metal cactuses to give the area more interest.


5978 S. 1900 W.
If you have ever wanted to explore reiki, sound healing, prana energy work, clearings, cord cuttings, chakra balancing, spell craft and consult, tarot, oracle, psychic, palmistry, or medium and rune readings, you may find your center at As Above, So Below. The store carries a wide variety of products which include: incense, books, baths, floor washes, magic oils, essential oils, imported oils, soaps, perfumes, bath salts, roots, candles, spell kits, sprays, and majickal supplies. Also available is a special line of custom-made products made from only organic and essential ingredients for your individual needs. They carry over 100 different herbs.

As Above So Below is owned and operated to provide Wiccan/pagans and spiritual customers with the highest quality products and spiritual service. You can sign up for numerous classes, massages, discussions, and events such as “Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home,” “Lucid Dreaming,” “What is EFT tapping?,” “Tips for everyday Good Luck & Protection,” and “Kitchen Witchery.”

On June 27, As Above, So Below will be sponsoring the Summer Witch Fest at their location, and numerous vendors have already signed up.


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