Are you ready for this?

Roy CTC is proud to announce their newly developed Youth Council!

What is Roy CTC Youth Council? According to Coalition Director, Janae Terry, it is a youth group made up of middle and high school students, aiming to reduce youth substance misuse by strengthening protective factors for their peers. This is done through education, creating anti-drug campaigns, and hosting events with pro-social opportunities for the youth of all ages in the Roy community.

When youth join community groups, councils, and boards, they share their perspective and provide new ideas and solutions to critical community issues. Youth and adults also increase their understanding of each other.

Research suggests, “…young people can become empowered to be problem-solvers, decision-makers and committed leaders who will lead community development efforts in the future” (Barnett & Brennan; Benson, 2007; Brennan, Barnett, & Lesmeister, 2007).

When youth are allowed to have a voice in community efforts, research has shown there is a decrease in traditional problem behaviors, which helps both the community and youth. For example, the likelihood of using drugs and alcohol, dropping out of school, and criminal behavior lessen. In addition, youth involved in the community tend to have higher academic performance and lower rates of pregnancy and marijuana use (Crooks, C. V., Chiodo, D., & Thomas, D., 2010).

In April of this year, the Roy CTC Youth Council was established, and they have already launched their first campaign and held their first event, “Don’t Do Drugs, Draw.” The event was a chalk art contest held on May 12th, 2021, at Roy High School and was a great success! Youth participated in drawing drug prevention messages on the sidewalks in front of the school. The artwork was impressive, and all who attended had a great time! Winners of this contest were announced on May 22nd, 2021.


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