Draydon Croston Saves his Mother’s Life

Draydon Croston saved his mother MariJo Croston from drowning in the Weber River last summer. This 13-year-old was awarded a medal of bravery by the Legion Club and a coin of bravery from the North Ogden Police.

The situation shifted from fun to life-threatening when MariJo got swept downstream off her tube through a rough and rocky stretch of the river below Henefer. When the river swept her past the spot where the family planned to exit the river, Draydon saw the danger and immediately went to help. He said he didn’t want her out there by herself. She was having a hard time holding her head above the water, but thankfully, she managed to cling onto the tube. Draydon held on to his mother’s tube through the really rough water, and eventually, they made it to calmer water where they managed to make it to the riverbank. With Draydon’s quick action, MariJo was lucky and only sustained a broken rib, bruises, and cuts; the outcome could have been much worse. She and her husband are very thankful for the bravery of her son.


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