Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

Affordable housing seems to be a major topic in our community. Whether we realize it or not, economic growth coming out of this pandemic is putting a real strain on housing affordability and availability. I am not sure the housing construction industry has even slowed down over the past few years. Recent laws passed by our state legislators and signed by our governor has placed a real focus on trying to address this affordable housing dilemma. One such law deals with Internal Accessory Dwelling Units or IADUs, better understood as a rentable apartment within an existing single-family home.

Today, Roy City does not have an ordinance authorizing Accessory Dwelling Units of any kind. With the passage of this new law, Roy City, much like other cities and counties, are mandated to change the zoning ordinance to allow IADUs if the property owner wants one. Not even a community homeowners association can stop it. However, there are some restrictions. It prohibits the renting of the IADU for less than 30 consecutive days and it must be in the owner-occupied primary dwelling. Other details must be worked out by the planning commission and city council over the next few months before you can legally establish this type of apartment.

As the city works through these issues, we would like our citizens to be engaged in the changes that are coming to Roy City zoning ordinances. Whether they involve the Front Runner Station area, industrial park, or IADUs next door to where you live, you need to have a voice in the process. We welcome your comments and value your input. Please review our Facebook pages and city website for more information as we get it. If you have questions, please email them to or the city council at

Be safe and keep your family safe.
Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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