Extreme Drought Conditions

The past 2020 water season saw a close to average snowpack followed by a very hot and dry summer. The year ended with low water storage, and the current winter is not producing the snow that is needed. The district is in a D3 Extreme Drought condition. We hope and pray that Mother Nature will bring much more snow and precipitation to the mountains and the valleys as the District gears up for another water season. If not, the district may have water restrictions and could end the water season early (often October 1st in drought situations).

The district encourages efficient use of water and conservation where possible. Please adjust your watering based on the weather. Please strive to only water your yard based on its ‘need’. The State website conservewater.utah.gov states “the typical Utah household will use twice as much outside as necessary.” Please reference the state website for their weekly watering guide. The State has also updated their regional conservation goals at water.utah.gov/regional-conservation-goals/. If you are interested in getting a rebate for smart controllers and other water efficient fixtures, see utahwatersavers.com. Another potential measure is to delay any landscape projects that may require additional watering.

The state requires meters on all new secondary water services and the district has begun to retrofit existing services with meters. The district is sending water use reports to those with meters in an effort to better educate the end user and better manage our limited water resources. Please contact the district at division1@roywater.com, 801-825-9744, or www.roywater.com.


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