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CITY BUFFET, located at 5673 South 1900 West in the Roy City Centre, was packed on its opening day, January 22, and it’s been busy ever since. This newest, long-awaited all-you-can-eat restaurant in Roy offers over 200 items – a huge array of sushi, BBQ, Chinese, and American foods.

More than 20 different sushi rolls are offered, including vegetarian. Diners have also raved over the blue crab sashimi, squid, crawfish, salt and pepper shrimp, mussels, baked salmon, crab claws, shrimp, fried chicken, happy family (a dish that combines various meats with fresh vegetables in a light brown Chinese sauce), clams, flounder, scallops, meat on sticks, egg rolls, and four kinds of soup. A huge salad bar is available. Fruit such as peaches and pears are also offered. Desserts include a variety of cakes, and of course, you’ll find traditional almond cookies. The lunch buffet is different from the dinner buffet, which includes more seafood options. Try the Mongolian barbecue grill: meat and vegetables are cooked for you on large, solid-iron griddles at temperatures of up to 550 °F.

Three private dining rooms are available for family or business groups. The restaurant is huge – up to 450 people can be seated (fewer while pandemic restrictions are in place, of course). The space is beautifully decorated with large murals, and the chandeliers are truly unique and gorgeous.

Take out is available – you’ll be handed a container at the front counter, can select your food, then pay by weight.

City Buffet is following all local health department requirements for COVID-19.


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