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Life Matters… Your Life Matters”

“As a parent whose daughter struggled with anxiety at age six, which turned into addiction, I willingly went through hell and back to find answers for her.”

Through prayer and heartache, Shelly Jo went on a journey to find tools that not only help those with addiction, but also children and adults struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, cravings, weight gain, low energy, and sleep. Shelly became passionate about sharing these tools and spreading hope. Answers come in weird ways, and life matters…YOUR life matters.

Shelly grew up in Ogden. She and David have been married for 36 years. As a young family, they moved to Roy and have lived here 29 years. She is the mother of three beautiful daughters, all graduates of Roy High. Shelly taught Sunshine Generation for 18 years. Many know her as Teacher Shelly.

Shelly and David have owned Subway restaurants for 20 years. In 2016, Shelly decided to add something else to their repertoire. She could see people struggling, and she became a certified hypnotherapist to help. Hypnotherapy is scientifically proven to help change negative beliefs and thoughts.

During this time, Shelly’s youngest daughter was on a destructive path to “feel normal.” Introduced to alcohol, then marijuana, she began self-medicating. Her daughter spent 30 days in rehab. Within 30 days of getting clean, she found meth. Shelly lived in constant fear that her daughter would kill herself, someone else, or end up in jail (which happened three times).

Shelly’s prayers and journey were answered in the form of amino acids that feed your brain and help with addiction and cravings. Not understanding them, she contacted a program in Florida that used amino acid supplements for recovery. They were holding a training in Salt Lake City that month. Shelly attended.

She learned that our brains fire happy, calm, feel-good chemicals called neurotransmitters. When they stop firing, mental struggles listed above may occur. Amino acids, aka brain food, are building blocks for the body and brain. Specific ones may help balance an imbalanced brain. When she gave amino acids to her daughter, the results were incredible.

Shelly Jo became a Certified Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Nutrition Coach. She created her own supplements. Shelly Jo Hypno Aminos are manufactured locally. They’re natural, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, inexpensive, and work quickly. Shelly’s book “Feed Your Brain Change Your Life, Take Control of Your Brain, Body, and Emotions” release date is in March, 2021.

Mix amino acids, nutrition, and hypnotherapy, and Shelly Jo can help many people. Could Amino Acids be your answer?


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