Women in Business: Mitzi Fluckiger – Aaron’s Jewelry

“We totally trust our employees so our customers can trust us!”


Mitzi Fluckiger’s Business, Aaron’s Jewelry, ended 2020 as the best year ever. “It got a little slow at times, but people were still coming, we were still a destination business.”

She explained how they were able to stay open throughout the pandemic implementing new safety precautions to better serve the customers and help them to feel safe. They were also considered an essential business, as they purchase gold, silver, and old broken down or undesirable pieces of jewelry, putting cash into the hands of their customers.

She has great sales associates and great employees, and she loves them because they are teachable, loyal, and happy. “We totally trust our employees, so our customers can trust us!” They aren’t just there to sell, repair, or buy jewelry, they are there to support their customers. Mitzi explained, “Jewelry is an emotional purchase. You get to see the happiest of happiest times and the saddest of saddest times. People buy jewelry when they get married, celebrate events such as a baptism, anniversary, or a birthday. People also come in when someone gets divorced, or a loved one passes away and they want to have their heirlooms adjusted to fit them.” Her sales associates are there to listen and help customers navigate through all life’s moments.

Mitzi loves going to the trade shows to buy merchandise for their store. Last year’s trade shows were canceled, so she is really looking forward to going this year. She explained what they’re like, saying, “If you’ve been in a jewelry store, you can probably imagine the glass and mirror display cases holding the sparkling, glinting jewels. At these trade shows, each booth has display cases that are packed with so many colored stones, diamonds, and jewelry. You have to know what you’re looking for because there is so much! It’s fun!” she said.

At Aaron’s Jewelry, they can make anything you can imagine, and they do it all in-house. Their prices are good, they’re fast, and they’re constantly growing in the industry. In fact, they recently acquired a new laser engraver, so Mitzi is looking forward to using it to serve their customers in the future, after they learn the ins and outs of the machinery, of course.

Mitzi really gives that personal touch as well. She will personally make time for the people who run the business side of things. “Our vendors are good to us, our customers are good to us. Doing what you say you’ll do will make all the difference.”


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