Women in Business

By Hailey Minton • Photos by Adam Phillips

My favorite part of this issue was engaging and connecting with influential women in our community as I wrote some of these spotlights. I hope you realize our community is filled with amazing people, and we were only able to highlight a few of them. I reached out on Facebook and asked the Roy community who they would like to nominate, and there were so many responses. This issue focuses on women in business, but I’d invite you to think about any influential women in your life and what characteristics they possess that have blessed you. Don’t be afraid to express some gratitude and let them know what they mean to you!

Jill Bailey

Jill Bailey is one of the owners of Dilly Dalley’s. They carry unique merchandise that is well priced, convenient, and has personality. She and her husband run the family business, and they’ve made a lot of friends as they serve customers. Recently, a woman brought her family in and told Jill she used to come to this store as a kid with her parents. Jill and her husband Shawn have lived in Roy for 36 years, and they are celebrating 32 years of business. They recently moved, so visit their new location at the corner of 5600 S 1900 W. in Roy.

Lisa O’Brien

Lisa O’Brien utilizes Facebook groups to support people with COVID-19 symptoms that last weeks and months beyond the expected recovery time. She started experiencing symptoms in March 2020, which led to tachycardia, heart palpitations, tremors, body aches, and fevers that came and went day to day. Answers for her, and thousands of others experiencing similar symptoms, have been elusive. She uses a Facebook group she created for people experiencing Long Covid to exchange local resources. Post COVID-19 care centers are going up across the country, and she is connected with the University of Utah in their plans to get one serving the area.

Nola Spicer

Nola Spicer started selling plasticware 28 years ago, and she finds fulfillment in connecting with the people she meets at the parties. She was working full-time as a single mom and looking for a way to supplement her income. She worked full time at the IRS for 15 years before she had to take a leave of absence to care for her 93-year old grandfather and take care of her child who had health complications. She also battled cancer 11 years ago, which took away her ability to walk and talk for a time. She also organizes vendor events to raise money for charity.

Check back often over the next few weeks for more inspiring Women in Business!


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