Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

Weber-Morgan Health Department is currently engaged in the COVID-19 vaccination process. I encourage everyone to consider getting this vaccine when you are eligible. Detailed information on the COVID-19 vaccine distribution process and signing up for a vaccine appointment can be found on the Weber-Morgan Health Department website at Click on the “Vaccine Appointment Availability” link if you meet the current eligibility requirements. The requirements are posted on the “COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Information” page and can change weekly, so check often. Changes to the eligibility categories are made by the Utah State COVID-19 Response Taskforce and will be announced by the governor’s office in weekly news briefings.

Due to limited and unpredictable vaccine supply, appointments are only released a few days in advance. The best way to be notified of appointments is to add yourself to the notification list, which is linked on their webpage, and register once they send you an email. If you struggle to register or get a vaccination date, email them at and provide your name and date of birth. They will send you an email in return, with a link to register. Caregivers, friends, and family members may help individuals complete the registration. If you do not have access to a computer with internet services or just need assistance, call (801) 399-7777. Help is available in English and Spanish.

There is a COVID-19 vaccine waitlist. They will serve individuals based on the order they receive submissions. Residents of long-term care centers and assisted living should work with their facility. They will use the email provided as the primary method of communication. When appointments become available, and if you need assistance registering for an appointment, check “Yes”, and someone will call you using the phone number you provided.

The best I can tell, the only way we can get this pandemic behind us is through this vaccination process. There will be some who cannot get vaccinated, but many of us can. The sooner we can get back to normal, the better it will be for everyone. Be patient, we are almost there.

Be safe and keep your family safe.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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