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Another Persons Treasures
5508 S. 1900 W. They are open Wed – Sat 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Another Person’s Treasures is a thrift store. There are four entrances to the building, so you can always find a way into the 8000 square feet of sales floor. Parking is down the north side and in back (don’t park on 1900 W.)

The owner, Kelly, purchases contents of storage units and entire estates. You’ll find “anything and everything” here – from furniture to pots and pans. You can find literally everything people took out of their home and put in storage. Sometimes, you’ll find repaired lawnmowers and snow blowers. The best way to buy things in this store is to buy in bulk; he acquires inventory by the boxload and loves seeing it leave that way!

If you have an entire estate you want to sell, bring in pictures. Note that Kelly doesn’t purchase individual items; he wants the full content of houses. If it’s a hoarder’s house you don’t want to deal with, he’s your guy.

Lee’s Fish and Rice
1864 W. 5300 S.

Lee’s offers tasty fish and seafood. Shrimp, halibut, scallops, oysters, and white fish, breaded lightly and deep-fried, are available in various combinations with coleslaw, fries, or rice (plain white, ham, or beef). Almost every online review comments that the fish is consistently moist and flaky, and many claim the coleslaw is the best they’ve had in the area. Clam chowder and egg rolls are also available, as well as chicken strips for those who prefer “land” rather than “sea” tonight.

Keep in mind that Lee starts the cooking when you order, so it’s fresh out of the fryer and worth the wait! Most customers call in their order, then drop by to pick it up a few minutes later. Otherwise, expect a wait inside in a comfortable booth or chair.


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