Council’s Corner: SNOW, PLOWS, AND SALT

Did you know Roy City has over 220 lane miles to maintain every time it snows? We own 12 plow trucks, nine of which are outfitted to drop salt. We use 100% Redmond salt, mined right here in Utah. Each driver has a specific route to cover; main roads are first priority, followed by side streets, then cul-de-sacs.

You may have wondered why you often see the trucks driving with plows up rather than down. They are dropping salt rather than plowing. It takes plowing staff 10-12 hours to complete the entire city; salting them can be accomplished in just two hours. As temperatures warm or the storm dissipates, the salt will melt the snow off the roads. Lastly, salting is less dangerous than plowing. This helps save equipment and reduces costs that would need to be passed on to taxpayers.

If you have any issues or concerns about winter road maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact our Public Works Office at 801-774-1009

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