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Arcades have been a staple of American entertainment since the carnival midways, creating fun memories in a way that you can’t get at home. Home entertainment has enjoyed a lot of attention this past year, so if you’re stuck with a bit of “cabin fever,” we have a new option for you! Come and visit Arcade Galactic at the Newgate Mall. We are sanitizing the games between players to keep everyone safe.

This is our company’s second location. Our first location opened at the Valley Fair Mall in 2008, with a singular mission – to keep the arcade spirit alive. The new site continues that idea, offering a unique mixture of classic and new titles. The games operate on tokens, coins similar to pennies made out of copper and zinc, which also makes them naturally anti-viral. This is a nice bonus given the 2020 situation.

We have always brought the new and old together as a way to broaden our appeal. When you come in, we hope you’ll find something familiar, but also something new and unique. This covers both video games and pinball machines. Our oldest game is Space Invaders (1978), while the newest one is Vritra Hexa (2020). We’ve got beloved classics like Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and Centipede, along with familiar new games like Luigi’s Mansion Arcade, Batman, and Daytona Championship USA. We also feature several rarities that are very difficult to find anywhere. This includes “indie” arcade games like The Spectre Files: Deathstalker (only four exist), Dariusburst Another Chronicle (only seven were made in English) and Cosmotrons (designed by a middle school teacher; only a couple dozen exist).

Don’t forget pinball – while we only have a handful of these right now, you can enjoy the newer Jurassic Park, the unique Dialed In!, go on a space adventure with Star Trek, and more. We also will open a party room in 2021, just as soon as the pandemic is over. We’d love to entertain you – come in and find us next to Victoria’s Secret!

Visit us online at:

Arcade Galactic

Inside the Newgate Mall near the Food Court.


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