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Do the words sushi, teriyaki, yakitori, gyoza, miso, tempura, and wontons stir your senses? Then So Delicious Japanese Wasabi (1780 W. 5600 S. in Roy; 801-825-6128) is your place! When people were asked what their favorite foods are at So Delicious, these sushi rolls received rounds of applause: Godzilla, Out of Control, Vegas, Utah, Roy, Black Jack, Playboy, Spicy Girl, Shrimp Tempura, Rainbow Scorpion, Cajun Philly, Good Sell, California Deluxe, Sea Monster, Mango Shrimp, Yuri Morales, First Kiss, Denise, and Spicy Tuna. Hint: If you’re not a fan of sea weed wraps, you can get the sushi wrapped in rice paper for a small up-charge. Other favorites mentioned were delicious crab wontons, Ko-Po chicken, fried rice, and chicken w/garlic sauce. But responders were quick to point out that everything they’ve eaten was tasty. The saké is delicious warm or cold. So Delicious Japanese Wasabi is known for serving all your favorite Japanese dishes.

Beez Café (5410 S. 1900 W. in Roy; 801-776-8882) is a family owned and operated restaurant, serving home-style fresh food prepared in the heart of their Beez hive. Always buzzing to serve, they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including daily specials. (Due to COVID-19, they are currently closing at 2:30 pm.)

Beez Cafe is well known for generous portions, low prices, and delicious food. They take pride in providing guests with a clean and family-friendly dining experience. If you are craving the comfort classics of ham and eggs, pancakes, crepes, country-fried steak, a make-it-your-own omelet, or many other hearty diner meals, this is where you want to go. Enjoy endless cups of coffee and crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside hash browns. The homemade scones, which you can slather with honey butter and cover with syrup, are like a warm, doughy hug from a favorite aunt or grandma. Check out this local gem!


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