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A resident of Roy for 29 years, many of you may know her as Teacher Shelly. Shelly Jo Wahlstrom taught Sunshine Generation, a Children and Teens Performing Group for 18 years. She was involved in her three daughters’ activities throughout their school years. Shelly’s passion turned to helping one of her daughters through addiction.

Shelly’s youngest daughter was diagnosed with extreme anxiety at six years old. Anxiety meds helped slightly; however, she told Shelly Jo “I just want to feel normal.” Introduced to alcohol, then marijuana at 15 years old, she began self-medicating against the debilitating effects of anxiety. Her daughter spent 30 days in a rehab program. Within 30 days of getting out clean, she found her way to Meth. Shelly Jo lived in constant fear that her daughter would end up killing herself, someone else, or end up in jail (which she did three times) due to drug use.

If you are a parent, you know how painful it is to watch your children struggle. You would literally do anything to help them. Shelly Jo began searching for solutions. One day, she saw a TV story about a program using IV’s filled with amino acids to help with addictions. These treatments were helping some people overcome cravings after three days. The only problem was the treatments were $1000 per day.

Shelly Jo knew this was the answer to her prayers but couldn’t afford the treatments. She thought about buying amino acids supplements and giving them to her daughter. Not knowing how they work, she researched and found a program in Florida that used amino acid supplements for recovery. They happened to be holding a training in Salt Lake City the following month. Shelly Jo attended.

She learned that our brains fire happy, calm, feel-good chemicals called neurotransmitters. When they stop firing, feelings of depression, addiction, anxiety, stress, and low energy may occur. Amino acids, aka brain food, are building blocks for the body and brain. Taking specific ones can help balance an imbalanced brain. When she gave amino acids to her daughter, the results were incredible.

Shelly Jo started telling everyone about them and offering them help. Eventually, she decided to create her own Amino Acid supplements. They are made in American Fork; they’re natural, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, inexpensive, and work quickly. Shelly Jo Hypno Amino’s exists to help battle addictions and cravings for not only illegal, but also prescription drugs, alcohol, TV, sugar, pornography, social media, excessive money spending, food etc. That’s right, she can help you lose weight too.

Shelly Jo said, “Porn may be an endorphin issue.” People look to numb themselves or to feel something. Porn causes a rush of endorphins, which is what the brain wants. Also, right now, low serotonin affects many. Winter Blues are largely due to the fact that it gets dark early and people are spending less time outside. Amino acids can feed these needs in the brain. With amino acids, proper nutrition, and some hypnotherapy, Shelly Jo is helping a lot of people. She loves to help children and adults with mental health struggles; addiction, and weight loss. Could amino acids be your answer? Take a free quiz at

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