Council’s Corner: 2019-20 Sales Tax Revenues Up

2019-20 Sales Tax Revenues Up

A recent independent audit of Roy City’s financial records reveals that the city sales tax revenues are trending upward. The comprehensive audit shows sales tax revenues are up eight percent in fiscal year 2019-20 over the previous fiscal year totals.

Fiscal year revenues for 2020-21 look promising, with half a dozen commercial projects on the docket, including a first-class fitness center expecting to reopen under new ownership in February at about 1960 W 5700 S.

Other large commercial projects in the works include City Buffet, located across the street from the fitness center under renovation.

Two businesses relocating to larger buildings include So Delicious, moving into what was once the Village Inn property and Dilly Dally’s, moving from just south of Harmons to 5600 S 1900 W in February.

There is also a new Arby’s, 7-11, and Auto Zone off Midland Drive near the Roy/West Haven border on the Roy side.

With the hard work of the mayor, the council, the Business Advisory Board, the Economic Development Committee, and the Planning Commission, the progress should continue.

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