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The Berry Family


We are a full-service, locally-owned roofing company. With 30 years of experience and numerous certifications from different manufacturers, we are able to offer more options than our competitors. We offer numerous warranties above and beyond our 10-year workmanship warranty, and we’ll be happy to give you more information about them. Tim Berry supervises all the work done in the field, and Maria runs the office and keeps track of everything. We make a great team.

Here at Bear Creek, we work all year round and offer roof replacements in the winter. Even with our chilly weather here in Utah, it rarely gets cold enough to cause problems with the installation of new roofing materials. Our crews use a specific application process to make sure all the materials adhere well in the cold weather. If your re-roof is scheduled during the winter months, we will be sure to monitor the weather and conditions and make any adjustments we need to in order to keep your project running smoothly. We love being able to keep our experienced craftsmen busy so that they can stay with us from year to year and provide you with the highest quality work.

We also offer a great referral program, and we love your referrals. If your home needs more repairs besides the roof, please feel free to call us for referrals to other contractors or providers of various home services including painters, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, solar installers, plumbers, and just about anyone else you can think of. We’ve been in the local construction and real estate field for so long that we are well connected with trusted service providers all over the valley, and we’re happy to help you find someone.

We love being part of the community here in northern Utah. This is a great place to live, raise our children, and run our family business. We’re so grateful for the friends, neighbors, and clients who love us and support us. Thank you!

Bear Creek Roofing Services



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