Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

With 2020 in our rearview mirror, welcome to 2021. Three big decisions that should bring important changes to Roy City are expected to face us. UDOT should begin the process of widening 1900 West at the intersection of 5600 South this year and finish in 2022. Adding two more turning lanes off 1900 northside, both east and west onto 5600, will help traffic flow, as well as another 1900 southside turn lane going west onto 5600. These are great additions until the full widening of 5600 south and replacement of the I-15 interchange is realized sometime in the future.

Roy City will be starting the land acquisition for a new cemetery. This effort has been in work for over three years with hopes that we can finally begin the groundbreaking. Look to see some important details coming out sometime this year.

The city council will finally decide on the future of the downtown business district along 1900 West and whether or not we will begin a modernization effort. Property owners in this district have shown interest in wanting to make major improvements, but to do so requires important changes to the city’s ordinances. We have elected to use a public survey to help understand the preferences of our residents since the COVID pandemic has limited us in getting public meeting input. This survey is important to us and the future of Roy City. The plan is to randomly select residents for their input. If you are selected, please respond. It will help the Council in making a final decision.

There is light at the end of this pandemic tunnel. The approved vaccine is here, leaving only time and choices as to whether you will take it or not. I will leave it to your good judgement, but know this: the virus spreads because we exist! If we ever hope to rid this plague from our communities, we must protect ourselves and stop the propagation. Too many of our residents have already been lost to this pestilence.

A bright future is coming; watch for it! Be safe and keep your family safe!

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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