Roy Communities that Care Coalition

One of Roy Communities that Care Coalition’s (CTC’s) greatest objectives is to decrease e-cig vaping, and tobacco products 10% by fall 2021, as measured by students in 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grades based off of the state’s biannual Student Health and Risk Prevention survey (SHARPS). The survey measures students’ exposure to risks associated with their community, family, school and peer group and how they influence decision-making.

Based upon the results of the SHARPS survey, nearly one-third of secondary students in the Weber-Morgan area indicated they had tried vaping products at least once.

Approximately 23.8% of secondary students in the state have tried vaping, students, in the Weber-Morgan area are nearly ten points above the average at 33.1%. Local students who regularly use e-cigarettes totaled 18.4% versus 12.4% for Utah overall, and 1.7% of Weber-Morgan students smoke regular cigarettes compared with 1.5% statewide (SHARPS Survey). These risk factors increase the likelihood of delinquency, teen pregnancy, mental health problems, violence, and dropping out of school.

Weber-Morgan Health Department received $300,000 from a bill passed by the Utah State Legislature last spring, and is using the funds it received from a new tax on e-cigarette products which are targeted to subsidize programs working to lower that number.

In addition to raising the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products – and in some cases e-cigarettes – to 21, the legislation tacked a 56% tax onto e-cigarette purchases. On July 1, the state began enforcing the tax. The Roy CTC is one of three recipients which will receive a portion of this grant money.

Currently, the Roy Coalition is looking for volunteers to assist with strategies that have been implemented into their action plan.

or contact Janae @ 801-675-1150
Facebook: royutahctc


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