Ye Old Holiday Recipes: Parsley Stuffing

We’ve found a couple of classic favorites from readers that are time tested and approved!

Parsley Stuffing

This recipe comes to us from Sarah Ford. Her husband’s stuffing recipe came from England and across the plains with his ancestors. It was handed down and taught to every generation and now he’s taught the kids to make it. His great great grandfather was Charles Lambert, a stone mason on the Nauvoo temple in Illinois and also the Salt Lake Temple. In fact, he carved many of the old headstones in Salt Lake City cemetery and Bountiful city cemetery. The recipe for Parsley stuffing is attributed to his line.

Heavy bread torn into pieces
Lots of softened butter

That’s it! It’s a time consuming, labor intensive process, but everyone loves it. You have to use the densest, heaviest bread you can find. Tear it into pieces. You wash and finely mince parsley leaves, pat the excess moisture out, and mix with the bread. Then you take softened butter and with your hands, mix it through the bread and parsley. I can’t even tell you amounts because it varies. It’s all done by a “feel.” However, we use six to eight loaves of bread, six to eight bunches of parsley, and 2-4 pounds of butter to feed everyone. The bread is then roasted in the oven until it is toasted golden brown. It has to be watched carefully so it doesn’t burn. Our kids have helped with it since they were old enough to tear pieces of bread. We make a lot, enough to last for a week or so after Thanksgiving. It also freezes really well.

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