Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

We have finally reached the end of the year 2020, with much to remember and ponder. The pandemic will certainly be remembered as the cause for much of the disruption in our normal lives. We will reflect on this time on how we endured, adapted, and eventually survived this plague in our society. History will mark this period as a time when the world stopped, and we’ve realized that we have more in common than we thought. If nothing else, this virus should have taught us that by doing simple things like wearing a mask and physical distancing, together, we can overcome the big things. With the anticipated arrival of a new vaccine, it is hoped that this Christmas gift to the world will set us on a solid path to full recovery and normalcy. But let us not forget those families who lost loved ones, and the healthcare and public safety workers who led us through this difficult time. Heroes all, who sacrificed much.

The year 2021 will bring a new beginning with anticipation of parades, fireworks, pageants, and social activities. I missed seeing a room full people as we discuss important city issues as a council. I look forward to neighborhood events, the enjoyment of sitting through a great movie, and watching performances on stage. The absence of these events in life have been challenging, and our traditions must be restored.

Finally, with everything that we’ve had to cope with, let us be thankful for this Christmas season. It is a time to share, and bring enjoyment to others. Perhaps the best gift of all is appreciating what we already have. We are reminded in these simple words the greatest of all gifts, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given…”

On behalf of a thankful Roy City government, may you find peace and happiness during this Christmas holiday! Be safe and keep your family safe!

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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