Should you go back to school to earn your degree?

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How the coronavirus is changing the job market:

Almost overnight, life changed dramatically. What was once a strong economy and robust employment outlook vanished in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the pandemic, the U.S. has been in a recession for several months.1

What does this mean for you?

Whether you’ve been laid off or are one of those fortunate to keep their job, now is the time to review your career goals and gain the skills you need to be more marketable. In an economic environment where jobs are scarce, earning a degree just makes sense.

Education as an investment…now more than ever.

A recent report from the New York Fed’s Liberty Tree Economics blog2 analyzed the returns from a college education. The study found that even though college continues to get more expensive, the financial benefits of earning a degree still make higher education a good investment. The data also indicates that college graduates tend to earn a substantial wage premium in the labor market. In fact, the current rate of return for a Bachelor’s degree is nearly 14%!2 Education has always been a good investment. Now it may be a crucial investment as well.

Juggling life’s commitments with school? It’s very doable.

Thanks to technology, going back to school doesn’t necessarily equate to sitting in a classroom. With work and family commitments, you can still earn your degree online and work around your current schedule – doing your coursework on your lunch break, while the baby’s napping, or even at midnight when there’s peace and quiet. By effectively applying time management skills, even those with busy schedules can still earn a degree.

In class or online…which learning model works for you?

Some still prefer the more structured classroom environment and may have a more flexible schedule to accommodate this traditional learning model. The good news is that Independence University now offers both on-campus and online degree programs so you can choose what works best for you.

Independence University (IU) has hit the ground!

As a university known for specializing in career-focused degrees earned online, IU has expanded to include blended in-class/online degree programs at their Utah campus. Call 801-284-3216 to take a tour of our beautiful campus at our West Haven/Ogden location. We offer degree programs in Healthcare, Business, and IT. All of our students enrolled in on-campus or online programs receive no-cost, one-on-one tutoring (if needed) and a laptop – yours to use and keep when you graduate.

Call 801-284-3216 to get started!




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