Bear Creek Roofing: Winter is Coming And We Can Still Repair Your Roof!

As if 2020 hadn’t dished out enough already, our recent severe wind storm has caused a lot of problems. Not only are all the contractors, (including us), working hard to help our customers in a timely manner, but we are also facing the challenge of supply shortages. In the aftermath of the storm, most of the shingle manufacturers are running short on material for the time being, and lumber has more than doubled in price in the last few weeks. If your home was damaged and you’re working through insurance claims, be sure your contractor reviews the insurance breakdown to be sure the adjuster has taken these new factors into account.

Many people think that they’ve missed their opportunity to repair their roof for the season. That is not true! Our employees are local residents that work all year round and they have families to support. We want our work to be the best, and in order to do that, we need to keep the same experienced, talented craftsmen on our team. There are certain procedures we implement in the winter months to ensure that the roofing materials adhere as they should. The ambient temperature of the roof during Utah winters rarely goes below the minimum temperature recommended by manufacturers. When it does, or if weather is inclement and creates a dangerous work environment for our crews, we hold off for a day or two until it is reasonable to return to work. But there is no need to wait until spring. If you need our help, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Another consequence of the windstorm is that many out-of-state roofing companies have been in our area. Their offers are tempting to homeowners because it seems that help is right at their door. But everyone should be aware that each state has varying building standards. For example, warmer states do not require Ice and Water Shield to be applied. We have found that this has been missed on many of the projects that out-of-state contractors have worked on. That likely means future leaking, leaving the homeowner with little recourse as the contractor has gone to another state. When you choose a roofing company that has been working locally for many years, they can back up your roof with a warranty. Another thing to watch for is unusual promises made by a company. If you feel that you are being sold goods that you do not need or offers that sound too good to be true, we recommend getting a second opinion from a local business with experience. It falls to you as the homeowner to do your own due-diligence. Utah recently deregulated many of the contractor classifications, making it fairly easy to get a roofing contractor’s license. Please check the DOPL and make sure the company who approaches you is truly licensed in this state and check to see how long they have been in business! You can find us on the DOPL website under “Bear Creek Services” license # 6437883-5501 (Since 2007).


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