Amazon Doesn’t Sponsor Your Kid’s Soccer Team!


Don’t worry, this is not going to be a lecture on how amazon. com is evil and ruining our local economy. I personally use Amazon, probably a little too much. I do however make every effort to buy locally. I recently wanted to buy some sporting equipment and shopped locally at four stores, until I couldn’t find what I needed and then went online. To me, that extra effort is worth it because I am a local business owner and I want to support others who also have local businesses.

I love walking into Harmon’s, Kent’s or Smith’s and seeing the neighbor’s kids working there, learning at their first job. Ben Lomond Heating and Air hired my son for his first job. Advanced Electrolysis, hired my daughter for her first job.

To me though, it is bigger than that. It is connection to our community. It is why this magazine is called Connection! By shopping local, we get to be part of the community and support someone who lives here too, someone who hires us, or our kids. Since nearly half of the workforce is employed by small businesses, there is a 1 in 2 chance that you work for, or own, a small business. Our economy needs you, and me, and all of us to thrive.

While I can recognize the beauty and convenience of buying something in my pjs and having a brown box on my doorstep, sometimes the very next day, I also love getting a scoop of ice cream from Big Scoops Ice Cream, or some flowers from Reed Floral. I also know they don’t exist unless a portion of us makes the choice to shop there. So this season, I encourage you to make the effort to stop at a local shop, buy from them if they have what you want or need. It helps, it really does.


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