Warm the Soles

Special article brought to you by Wasatch Peaks Credit Union

Here at Wasatch Peaks Credit Union, we are excited to host our annual Warm the Soles Fundraising Program. Warm the Soles is an incredible opportunity for our community to provide new Nike® shoes to local elementary school children who are in need!

This year, our recipients have been selected from the following elementary schools: Burch Creek, Heritage, James Madison, Municipal, New Bridge, North Park, Odyssey, Riverdale, Roosevelt, T.O. Smith, Wasatch, and Washington Terrace Elementary.

How it Works:

Members of our community can donate to the Warm the Soles program and help Wasatch Peaks in supporting our local children. We are able to work with the elementary schools directly so we can best benefit those children who need our support. Teachers and administrators select students, and then provide us with a list of those students and their shoe sizes.

These selected students then receive a brand-new pair of Nike® shoes, purchased with the donations made from our community. The Nike® Factory Store in Farmington has provided amazing assistance in making the Warm the Soles program occur. Once Wasatch Peaks has received the list of students, we provide the information to the Nike® staff. These staff members handpick shoes for each child on the list, including adaptive shoes for students who may have special needs. The Wasatch Peaks staff then take the time to wrap each pair of shoes, complete with a pair of socks and some treats. After they’ve all been wrapped, the shoes are then gifted to the children at their schools.

The Impact:

The Warm the Soles Program has a lasting impact not only the children receiving the shoes, but also for those who are donating or volunteering their time. During our visits to deliver shoes, we have seen shoes that don’t fit or are filled with holes, children wearing sandals in the slush and snow, and shoes that are held together with tape. These new shoes make a huge difference in these kids’ lives, providing them confidence, comfort, and the ability to focus and succeed in school.

How Can You Help?

Since 2006, Wasatch Peaks has raised $189,533, providing 6,739 pairs of shoes for our local elementary school children. Last year was a record-breaking year and we were able to raise $33,110 in donations, more than double our goal!

This year, we have the amazing opportunity to support 1,960 of our young local students with 1,960 pairs of new Nike® shoes. We appreciate any and all donations made to help us provide these new shoes. A new pair of shoes costs just $25, so any donation makes a big difference.

Donations can be made at:
Online: wasatchpeaks.com
Venmo: @WasatchPeaks
Mail: 4723 Harrison Blvd Ogden, UT 84403
Visit: Your local Wasatch Peaks branch


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