Roy CTC and Roy City joined together…

Roy CTC and Roy City joined together…
to bring the Fourth Annual National Family Dinner Night to the Roy community. Their goal is to share the importance of families eating together.

Cars of families lined up to pick up their dinners, 600 Subway meals were passed out, and the group ‘Pockets Full of Sunshine’ gave out 200 craft kits.

Roy City employees and officials, Roy Communities That Care Coalition (CTC), Roy Jr. High’s Latinos in Action, and other community members rocked this event and did a fantastic job. We have a wonderful community with a lot of involvement. Together we can make a difference!

The saying goes, “Families who eat together, stay together,” but did you know family dinners may also reduce the risk of addiction? According to the National Center on Addiction, families who eat three or more meals a week together reduce a teen’s risk of using tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.

When parents engage with their children over a meal, their relationships are better. Children feel like they are part of a unit, a team. They connect with the people who mean the most to them. Parents become and remain the people they turn to, when significant problems crop up.

Look forward to conversations about grades, dating, borrowing the car, and moving away. Our children won’t always agree with us – and that’s okay. Why? Because we raise them to be independent thinkers and to express themselves effectively. These conversations start at the dinner table!

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