Roy Pharmacy


My family and I moved to Roy a couple of weeks ago, and I was wondering where I should go to get our prescriptions filled. After talking with Steven Carlson, RPh, at Roy Pharmacy, I decided to transfer our prescriptions there. As Steve was getting my information, another customer came in. Olivia, the pharmacy tech saw her, retrieved her prescription, and had it in hand at the counter for her before the customer even got to the counter. This is what small-town pharmacy service means, and I am very happy to have this kind of service ahead of me!

Steve said they do everything they can to make life easy for their customers. They make local deliveries, mail prescriptions if you’re out of town, and offer curbside pickup. If you’re in your car and pull in front of the store, just call them, and they will bring your prescription out to you. If you can’t, or don’t want to leave your home, they will deliver your medications. Roy Pharmacy will also mail your prescription to you if you happen to be out of town when it’s time for your medication to get filled. I wish my previous pharmacy had offered this! It would have saved me some stress while moving to a new community. Steve said they have several couples who go south for the winter. At Roy Pharmacy, they ship prescriptions to their customers outside the Roy area, so customers don’t have to transfer their prescriptions back and forth.

When I saw my doctor for the first time, the secretary asked me what pharmacy I would like prescriptions sent to. I had no idea so, I gave them the first store that came to mind, which happened to be a ‘big-chain’ pharmacy store. Each time I went there to get my prescriptions filled, I had a lengthy wait, while standing in line with other customers. I felt uncomfortable when I had questions for the pharmacist, as there were still so many other people waiting in line behind me. Eventually, I got my medications, and all was well. However, I started to wonder if I might be happier working with a different, smaller pharmacy. Then I found Steve at Roy Pharmacy, located at 3460 W. 4800 S in Roy. Steve always takes the time to answer any questions I may have, and I don’t feel the same pressure to get in and out as quickly as possible, as I did while working with the large-chain pharmacy I had previously used.

If you want a small-town service from a local pharmacy, just give Roy Pharmacy a call. You don’t need to move to transfer pharmacies; just give them your name, birth date, insurance information, and the name of your previous pharmacy ~ they’ll take care of the rest. Roy Pharmacy will transfer your prescription from your previous pharmacy, and contact your doctor so all future prescriptions go to the right place. Steve has worked at pharmacies where he was one of several pharmacists. Because of this, he didn’t serve the same people regularly. This changed when he and Ashley Romero bought Roy Pharmacy. He said, “Now, I’m THEIR pharmacist.” This is evident by their level of familiarity with each person who comes through their doors. However, It’s not just Steve who knows the customers, it’s everyone who serves you behind the counter.

Business: Pharmacy
Address: 3460 W. 4800 S., Roy, UT 84067
Phone: 801-732-0202


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