Flag Retirement Ceremony

Roy Scout Troop 719 & 6719


On September 10, 2001 a group of five scouts and a handful of adult leaders met for the very first time. They were the first Boy Scout Troop sponsored by the Golden Spike Elks Lodge in Roy, Utah. The next morning, the Twin Towers fell. Thus began a very patriotic history for Scouts BSA Troop 719.

Roy Scouts from Troops, #719 & #6719 stand next to a table with flags prepared for retirement Elks Lodge retired

In the Vestibule of the Elks Lodge, you will find a large container where you can deposit your tattered or faded American Flag to be properly retired.

As Patriot Day came to an end this September, Scouts BSA Troop 719 for boys, with the help of Scouts BSA Troop 7196 for girls and Venture Crew 719, prepared to respectfully retire 51 flags that had been left in this container. This ceremony is not unfamiliar to these scouts, as we do one every year, sometimes on Veteran’s Day, sometimes on Flag Day.

A Flags last respectful pledge before a traditional ceremonial burning by Roy Scout Troop #719 and #6719.

Richie Cook, Isaac Brower, Rafe Chapman and Andrew Sweet from Scouts BSA Troop 719 were accompanied by Clarissa Chapman, Chloe Chapman, Rebekah Cook, and Kestle Eames from Scouts BSA Troop 7196 as well as John Brower from Venture Crew 719. They, along with Scout Leaders and members of Golden Spike Elks Lodge #719 performed a very solemn ceremony where our flags were retired respectfully by burning.

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