Council’s Corner


Wow! What a year this has been. We’ve faced a pandemic, earthquake, hurricane-force winds, job losses, and school closures – just to name a few. In the 62 years I’ve lived in Roy, I’ve seen many changes, but the one thing that has remained constant is Roy’s sense of community.

There were a lot of questions leading to the return of school, but as a Roy High School employee, I must say I am impressed with how well the students and teachers have adapted. They have shown great resilience in these crazy times. The students are great at wearing their masks and social distancing, as the state requires them to do. The news of all school dances being cancelled for the rest of 2020 wasn’t enough to dampen their spirits. I never thought I would say this, but the students actually want to be at school. This highlights how much we’ve taken for granted in being able to see our friends and family as much as we want to.

The one positive thing that has come out of this wild 2020 for me, is how grateful I am for my neighbors, family, and friends. I challenge all of you to strive to be more neighborly and look for those around you who may be in need of support. There are many of us who continue to face tough times financially, emotionally, and physically. A quick phone call or knock on the door to check in on someone can go a long way. We must also continue to support our local Roy businesses who have been hit hard during the quarantine. I pledge to do my best to represent you and your needs through the city council and hope we will all try to find a silver-lining in these difficult times.

City Council Meetings
This month’s meeting will be available on YouTube. For those who wish to make comments, please email for a link to the Zoom chats.


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