The Mad Bull


David Jones went into the far end of their 10 acre pasture with his bridle in hand to catch his horse. The horse however, had other plans, and he ran from David. David calmly followed but could not catch him.

Off in the distance David could see their bull but paid no attention to him at first. Suddenly, the bull was head down, charging straight for him. His thoughts raced…where could he go to get away from this bull? There were no trees, the fence was too far away and he was not strong enough to keep a mad bull at bay. Then he saw the swamp with vegetation surrounding it. He ran at full speed into the swamp and found himself up to his armpits in swampy water. It was much deeper than he expected, but it staved off the bull. The determined bull however kept an eye on his prey and walked around and around the swamp for hours waiting for David to come back out. David was frightened and cold but could not move for fear that the Bull would attack. Every time he tried to move the bull would paw the ground and snort, so David stayed put in the cold water.

As the sun started to set, the bull began to lose interest and started to move away from the swamp. David waited until he thought the bull was far enough away that he could escape safely. Crawling out of the mud he ran as fast and quietly as he could and escaped without injury. I imagine he felt pretty fortunate to be free and safe even if he was a bit soggy.

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