Is a Healthcare Career Right for You?

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Whether you’re a nurse in a hospital, a medical assistant in a clinic, or a technologist assisting surgeons in the operating room, there are certain traits most healthcare workers possess that make them successful at what they do. Sure, you can learn skills in school, but possessing specific qualities can turn a “job” into a meaningful and deeply rewarding career. See if you have the following traits that make for an effective healthcare professional:


When it comes to the traits needed to be an effective healthcare worker, communication ranks among the highest. In speaking with patients and their families, you will need to take the time to fully explain the status and progress of the patient in terms they can understand, plus be patient and willing to answer any questions. Patients and family members alike are fretful when they don’t fully understand what is going on. This could lead to misunderstandings and a negative experience for all involved. Communication with coworkers is important, too. Making sure everyone is on the same page as to the patient’s surgery, treatment, and/or therapy leads to a better outcome.

Empathy and Compassion

For the seriously ill, nothing is worse than being cared for by a caregiver who is apathetic and distant. Providing tender and compassionate care to the patient is a crucial component of the healing process. Feeling like their needs are not being met by the caregiver can cause patients to be fearful and lead to negative emotions. For many, being sick can make them cranky, even harsh. Your compassion will help you in being more patient with them and calmly trying to understand what you can do to make them feel better––both physically and emotionally.


Your attitude and personality in many ways determine how rewarding your healthcare career will be. If you love helping others, if you’re a “people” person and enjoy working with your patients, your rewards in this field will be abundant. The hours and the work may be demanding at times, but healthcare workers who have a passion for what they do find the rewards well worth the work involved.

Does the above sound like you?

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