General Plan Update

In 2018, Roy City received a grant to update the city’s General Plan. In 2019, the process to update the city’s General Plan begun, and after many months and several meetings with people, groups, etc., a “Draft” version is being presented.

The Planning Commission would like to invite you to review the proposed Draft General Plan and is asking you to provide any comments, concerns, or questions that you may have.

Please go to the Roy City Community Development webpage at and click on the “2019 General Plan Update”

There is a video that explains what is in the document (the video goes with the “Executive Summary” if you want to follow along) OR you can download the draft and read it. If you have any comments you’d like to give, please leave it with us.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Parkinson via email at or by phone at (801) 774-1027.


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