Council’s Corner


Good to see so many of you wearing masks and working together to keep ourselves and others healthy.

With that common theme in mind, here are a few tips to fine-tune the efficacy of wearing a mask.

  1. PROPER FIT–Masks should fit well around the face (to include nose and mouth) to be most effective. Small gaps dramatically drop rates of efficacy.
  2. SELF-CONTAMINATION & PROPER REMOVAL–When you touch the outside of your mask/gloves/face shield, sanitize your hands immediately. Carefully remove masks from ear-loops or ties, gloves from inside, then sanitize hands immediately. If not possible to wash mask at end of day (and dry in high heat), isolate mask in paper bag or by hanging untouched for 72 hours. Having several masks to rotate can be helpful.
  3. OCULAR TRANSMISSION–increasing evidence shows that eyes may serve as a source of infection as well as an entry way for transmission. Don’t hesitate to wear a face shield WITH your mask.

Roy COVID-19 numbers continue to rise. Rates will increase as schools reopen. Getting your flu shot is especially important this year. We appreciate your continued efforts to “Keep Roy Healthy”. Stay vigilant!

Thanks for your community spirit.

*References: CDC, WHO, Journal of Emergency Medicine, John Hopkins

City Council Meetings

This month’s meeting will be available on YouTube. For those who wish to make comments, please email for a link to the Zoom chats.


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