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Robert Dandoy, Mayor

Recently, the local newspaper ran an article about recycling in the county. It stated that other cities were postponing their recycling programs because of costs and the marketing trends for those materials. It is important you know that Waste Management, our solid waste provider, is devoted to recycling and continues to process recycling materials. They have local buyers who use the materials to make new products and who invested $17 Million into a new material recovery facility in Salt Lake City. The city is committed to continue this program as long as the residents find value in it and it’s provided at a reasonable cost.

In July, UDOT (Utah Department of Transportation) provided their Roy 5600 South Environmental Assessment Study to the public, both on-line and in-person, at the Roy Elementary School. The study outlined their approach to help mitigate the traffic issues in the city. The study indicated a change to 5600 South into a 5-lane state road and included significant improvements to the I-15 interchange. The project is not funded yet but is scheduled to happen sometime before 2030. With public input completed, it is assumed the study will be reviewed, adjusted, and approved sometime this fall. We will keep you posted as this effort moves forward.

Finally, I encourage each of you to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The number of active cases in the city are still growing. Please do not be complacent on this issue. Be safe and keep your family safe!

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

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