We are in the Business of Human Connection

Special article brought to you by Weber Human Services

Are you over 55?
Do you have time?
Do you want to help?

Our local seniors really need your help. After social distancing ends for the rest of us, social isolation continues for many of the elderly of Weber County. It has been very difficult for all of us to be separated from people. Can you imagine if life were like that all the time?

We all agree that, as we age, we want to keep as much of our independence as possible. We want to stay in our homes. But, sometimes, we need a little help to make that possible.

You can provide that help. Just a little extra support can make all the difference. If you can spare the time to make a weekly visit to a senior or a person with disabilities, you can help!

Here’s how it works: the Senior Companion program matches volunteers (ages 55 and up) with seniors who need them. Volunteers make weekly visits. This gives you a chance to get to know new people, create friendships, and provide meaningful service. You would be doing things like helping with grocery shopping, running errands, providing social interaction, or doing activities — nothing too challenging. Imagine how welcome your company would be to someone who doesn’t have the ability to get out. We’ve all had a taste of social isolation during the last few months, and it wasn’t much fun!

This program is enrolling right now. We were forced to stop visiting for a while due to COVID, but we will soon be resuming with new restrictions in place such as screening, wearing masks, and staying six feet apart. Currently, we are only doing visits if they can visit outdoors. Now is a great time to begin your training, and we need more volunteers. All you have to do is call Karyl Chase, and she will help get the enrollment process started. Qualified Senior Companions receive cost reimbursements, training, and support. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start helping today!


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