Ice Cream Confessions

“Ice cream sandwiches are another favorite. When I was a little girl, my mom would buy these every once in a while. With seven children, a box of these would be gone quickly. I was told I could only have one a day, and I remember telling my little brother, ”When I’m a mom, I’m going to let my kids eat as many ice cream sandwiches as they want.” If only my inner child was the mother to my children, they would love it. As I neared the end of my pregnancies, I would load up on chocolate. My babies always got belly aches if I ate chocolate while I was nursing them. NOT FUN! Ryan would take me to our favorite spot, Cold Stone Creamery, as often as he could. I would place my order and watch as they folded the brownies and chocolate fudge syrup into my “Gotta Have It” bowl. -MELISSA SPELTS

“I am known in my family as the “picker” or as I like to say, “the treasure finder”. That basically means that any ice cream we get, I go through and find all the treasures and only eat those. Cookies and cream is my favorite, and after I’ve eaten, all you’ll have left is the vanilla ice cream. We don’t buy ice cream often, but now, my family has started just getting me my own small pint as they say I don’t eat ice cream like a normal person.” -KRISTINA CASE

“My Grandpa Robinson introduced me to licorice ice cream at Ideal dairy in 1964. I love it, and Farr’s is great…if you like black licorice, you have to try it.” -RHETT LONG

“My senior year of high school, I ate a bowl of strawberry ice cream for breakfast every day. (Shhh, my mom still doesn’t know.) To top off the sugar rush, I would mix up a packet of Kool-Aid with extra sugar and drink it all day. “ -CRYSTAL RAPPLEYE

“It has been 371 Days since I last ate ice cream…Secret confessions of a serious health nut. I’m so ashamed! But I’ve had many a late-night secret rendezvous with a cup of black raspberry swirled with vanilla and chocolate chunks, the Zeppe’s vanilla custard, or those super giant fresh raspberry shakes from Bear Lake. I made sure to help the kids if they couldn’t finish theirs!” – ANN PARK

CAMRYN SPELTS said her favorite way to eat ice cream is with a FORK. It makes cool lines in the ice cream.

MARY WRIGHT sent us her favorite ice cream recipe and said to be sure to let the kids eat from the dasher with spoons to “test” the ice cream.

“I have to have crunchy in my ice cream. I love mint pistachio or cashew shakes. Rocky Road is my all-time favorite. If there is not anything crunchy like chocolate chips, nuts, M&Ms, etc. around, I’ll grab the best cereal we have in the house and pour it in. Grape nuts work great. However, I’ve done almost anything from Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, and Fruit Loops to Frosted Flakes, and yes, plain ‘ole Cheerios. But, like Ryan has said, nothing beats a killer Banana Split. I still have to have that crunch in there with it.” -ROBERT DODD

”I worked at an ice cream place and accidentally made a mint chocolate chip shake rather than a cookie mint shake. The waiter stared at me and said, “I am so angry, I am going to have to go console myself with this shake while you make a new one,” and walked off with a big smile on his face.” -JIM SMITH



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