Mayor Message

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

As you travel around our great city, you will notice several residents and businesses that have taken care of their properties. Whether through a landscape contractor or personal hands-on labor, they look great. They provide a wonderful backdrop to the quality and character of our community. I share this with you because we do have some areas within the city that can stand some improvement.

The Nuisance Ordinance Title 4, Chapter 3 defines what constitutes a nuisance and addresses issues like weeds, wrecked vehicles, refuse, and junk, to name a few. Since April 2018, the Roy City Code Enforcement Officer has handled 2805 work orders, which include inspections, contacts, warnings, citations, and re-inspections. That is a lot of attention on an issue that should not be a problem. We continue to get more complaints. The city leadership has considered hiring another code enforcement officer to try to get our arms around this problem. I think there are better ways to save taxpayers money than hiring more people to help maintain property.

Please try to keep the property where you live or operate a business up to the expected standards set by this community. If you are not sure what those standards are, please ask the city staff or city council to get you the information. It is found on our website, but it can be a little hard to find. Please do your part to help keep this great community looking good.

Finally, I encourage each of you to stay focused on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The number of active cases in the city is growing. With most of the services now open and available in the city, please keep your distance from others, wash your hands often, and wear your face mask.

If you have questions, please reach out and let us know. Use to contact the council or to get a message to me.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor


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