Council’s Corner


Once upon a time, in the 1960’s, Roy City was voted the most beautiful city in Utah. While there are still a lot of beautiful aspects of Roy, there are some areas where Roy could see some improvement. I am a member of the beautification committee in Roy and would like to bring up some great ideas that were discussed in our last meeting. During this unprecedented and trying time of social distancing, there have been more families and residents out walking and enjoying our trails. May I suggest helping out our city by gathering trash while out walking? There are also a few neighbors in each of the areas you all live who might need a little extra help in yard maintenance. Before we are quick to judge or report these fellow neighbors, might we offer some assistance or talk with them about some things that might be done to help? If we continue to be civically minded and look out for each other, we can make this an even more beautiful city to live in, not just visually, but socially as well. Hope to see you out walking.

City Council Meetings

This month’s meeting will be available on YouTube. For those who wish to make comments, please email for a link to the Zoom chats.


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