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Robert Dandoy, Mayor

On the 19th of May, UDOT provided to the Roy City Council a presentation on the results of the 5600 South Environmental Assessment Study. This two-year study outlined the proposed plan to widen the state road to five lanes and redesign the I-15 interchange. The impact to Roy City is significant and far reaching. It will involve residential/commercial property owners and city infrastructure. It is hoped that it will finally mitigate much of the traffic deadlock we have been experiencing over the last few years. The changes will not come soon, possibly 2025 or later, but they will come. In the meantime, we will need to be patient as the UDOT priority and funding processes are made available. UDOT has indicated they will be holding a public meeting on the study, and I would encourage you to listen in and/or take part. They will determine the date and time.

We have been working the Form Based Code document that addresses planning for our downtown business district. This effort has driven a lot of interest from residents, business owners, and property owners. We have received great input, and we continue to integrate those ideas into the document. This is an important process that will determine the fate of our business district. If we ever hope to finally move forward with effective economic development, it will include changes to our zoning ordinances, the establishment of Community Reinvestment Areas, and creating an Economic Development Strategic Plan. Each of these are in different phases of development.

Utah has shifted the COVID-19 phase from Red (high risk) to Orange (moderate risk). As we see more changes in guidelines moving us back to normal, it is important we follow those procedures. Our recovery will be based on moving slowly, staying focused, and being safe.

Finally, I encourage each of you to ask questions, look for information, and stay informed. Most of what we do and know in the city is available to you. We want to be transparent, but it requires you to want answers. Please ask if you have questions. Use the to contact the council.

Robert Dandoy, Mayor

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