Harmonic LED Light Therapy


Feel Yourself Shine

Like many of you, I’m very interested in health and wellness, and this was something that I had never tried before. But it turns out that light therapy has been around for a long time. It’s cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter use to increase circulation and relieve pain associated with the following:

• Muscle/Joint Aches and Stiffness
• Tendonitis
• Injury and Wounds
• Back Pain
• Arthritis
• Muscle Spasms and Strains
• Neuropathy
• Repetitive Use Injury

Experience harmonic light therapy for radiant health in mind, body, and spirit.

Massage Therapist, Jayna Moser, has her array of lights set up in her home office in Roy. I filled out a quick page of paperwork and took a seat in a comfy recliner for the session. She placed a light panel on my back and one on my stomach, chest, and head, and a special light mask on my face. The light won’t damage your eyes, but it’s recommended to keep your eyes shut during the session. At first, it seems really bright, but I adjusted quickly. She placed headphones on my ears with a guided meditation to go with the light therapy.

I noticed that I felt very calm and super relaxed. All my stress disappeared. The session lasted about 20 minutes.

I asked lots of questions because the whole thing was new to me. Of course, I wanted to know if the lights would be hot or burn my skin. They won’t tan your skin or sunburn you. I found that they feel pleasantly warm, like sitting on the beach. I wondered if I needed to wear anything specific for my session. Jayna told me that any comfy clothes will do, although it’s actually easier for the light to penetrate light colored fabric than dark. So, I won’t wear jeans next time. It’s also best to hydrate before and after your session.

I thought it was interesting that the lights can pulse at different frequencies in order to support different areas of the body. There’s an entire book indexing which frequencies to use for which purposes: Electroherbalism Frequency Lists 3rd Edition by Brian McInturff (available for free online or from Amazon).

Studies show that light therapy supports your cells by giving them more energy and oxygen. It helps support your body’s production of nitric oxide, which improves your circulation and collagen, which any of us past the age of 21 know is important. Ladies, it’s even been FDA cleared to treat fine lines! Light therapy can increase the alkalinity of your body and promote cell regeneration — all good news for our health.

The best part is that you can schedule a session and try this out for yourself. The first session is FREE! Contact Jayna Moser at 801-856-6870 to reserve your complementary session!

“The medicine of the future is light. We are healing ourselves with that which is our essence.”
– Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD


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