Is my child ready for competition soccer?

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Is your soccer player the one scoring all the goals? Maybe it’s time to consider the next steps for your budding soccer star.

Most beginning soccer players start in a recreation program to learn the basic skills and develop a love for the game. Once a child has advanced beyond the basics and desires to play at a higher level, parents should consider transitioning their child to a competitive soccer club such as La Roca Futbol Club.

Club soccer is for players who are ready for a more competitive environment and training by licensed, experienced coaches. La Roca FC has competition teams for boys and girls, ages 6-18. Players interested in being placed on a competition La Roca team must attend tryouts, where they will be placed on teams according to skill level. Playing on a competitive club team is more involved than recreation teams in terms of time and cost, but for the child that has a passion for soccer, it’s a chance for them to receive the training and development to take their game to the next level.

For specific tryout dates and times, and to register your child to try out for a La Roca team, please visit

The most skilled players are placed on premier teams that will compete in the highest division within an age group. Premier teams will typically train twice a week all year long, participate in several in- and out-of-state tournaments, and play league games across the Wasatch Front during the Fall and Spring seasons.
Players who are not quite ready for such a high level of competition are placed on lower division teams, where they will train once a week throughout the year, compete in a few in-state tournaments, and play league games in a smaller geographic region during the Fall and Spring seasons.

If your child is still a little undecided about soccer, then a non-competitive recreation team might be a better fit. La Roca Juniors is a recreation program in the Syracuse area for boys and girls, ages 4-9. Games are played Saturday mornings at Legacy Junior High School in the fall and spring. Enrollment in La Roca Juniors is very affordable — $100, which includes a PUMA uniform kit (see the ad below for $10 off). Registration for La Roca Juniors is now open for Fall 2020-Spring 2021. Visit for more details.

From the youngest players on La Roca Juniors teams to the oldest players on La Roca premier teams, La Roca FC provides a path so players can achieve their dreams. Visit to explore all the options available for your child.


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