i-Float Sensations: De-stress, help body aches and pains… and calm your mind



Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to float in the clouds? Weightless and free from the cares of the world? This week, I had the amazing opportunity to try something that came as close as you can get to that. I tried something called flotation therapy. Ever heard of it? It’s been around for over 50 years and it’s not really something you would do for entertainment; it is something you would do to feel better, actually, to feel marvelous.

The high concentration of Epsom salt helps with buoyancy, but it also aids in detoxifying the lymphatic system, getting rid of lactic acid and inflammation and reducing swelling throughout the entire body.

What is floatation therapy? Floatation Therapy (also commonly known as sensory deprivation float pods) involves a person lying down in a large “float pod”. The pod is filled with about 10 inches of warm water and almost 1,000 lbs. of pharmacopeia-grade Epsom salt. The pods can be closed, thus shutting out external stimuli, sight, sound, and gravity. Without external sensory distractions, your mind is freed, which allows you to melt into a deep, relaxed state of being.

The high concentration of Epsom salt helps with buoyancy, but it also aids in detoxifying the lymphatic system, getting rid of lactic acid and inflammation, and reducing swelling throughout the entire body. The pod’s environment is ideal for dramatically reducing stress, sore muscles, chronic pain, and so much more!
Flotation therapy can even help with the symptoms of concussion. In fact, Dr. Clark Madsen, MD/MS, from McKay Dee Hospital has already completed half of a 2-year-long study in conjunction with iFloat and Weber State, trying to figure out why floatation therapy works so well. Concussed patients ranging from athletes to car accidents to general head trauma have been sent to iFloat as part of the study, and they have seen astonishing results in just three float sessions. Pretty cool right?
I really enjoyed my first float. When I first arrived, I had a great conversation with Keith, the owner, who’s love for floating started in 1991 in Sydney, Australia. His pregnant wife of eight months floated at the same time and found immediate relief from her aches, pains, and general discomfort. After this experience, they were hooked! It wasn’t until years later (2013), that he decided to open his flotation center in South Ogden.

iFloat supplies everything you need to get started: towel, ear plugs, shampoo, and body wash. All you need is your birthday suit. After getting briefed, I entered my very own private suite, showered, then hopped right in the pod. After closing the lid, I turned off the lights and music, then started my float in absolute peace and calm. After 10 minutes of focusing on my exhales, my mind chatter cleared, allowing me to relax and zone-out. It felt like a meditation session to me. I loved it! I felt calm and peaceful as I floated in this zero gravity environment. I didn’t realize how much my soul needed that silent stillness. It was magical. As I lay in the water, I couldn’t tell where my body ended and where the water began. I was floating in the clouds. It’s a pretty cool feeling. As I lay there, I noticed that my back pain was GONE! Talk about immediate relief!
Once my hour was up, the lights and pumps automatically turned on again, signaling to me that my time was up. That hour flew by! It’s been a few days since I’ve floated, and I am still feeling the calming effects of this experience. If you’re interested in finding relief from your aches and pains, or just need a way to de-stress, then I highly recommend trying iFloat Sensations.


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