Curb Cutting

Before you cut the curb to widen your drive approach, please be aware that a permit is required.
To obtain a Curb Cut Permit, it requires a few things to be done:
Draw up a site plan. A site plan is a bird’s eye view of your property, in this case, more of the front yard. It doesn’t have to be professionally done, just as long as it has the following dimensions:

The width of the property

The width of the existing approach, including the downward cut
The location and width of the proposed cut.NOTE: The total width of an approach cannot exceed 30% of the total width of the property; it also cannot be any closer than 4’6” from where the side property line would meet the curb

Bring/send the Site Plan to the City Planner for approval. (City Planner can be found at City Hall 5051 S. 1900 W., or via email at, or, if you have any questions, call him at 801-774-1027)

Once approved or denied, you will receive a copy of the site plan. (A denial will have an explanation and/or things that can be done to get it approved)
When you receive an Approved Site Plan, bring/send the Site Plan to Public Works at 2626 W. 5525 S., or via email at, or if you have any questions, call (801) 774-1090 to obtain the permit.

This permit costs nothing. However, because the curb is owned by the city, all work must be done by a licensed contractor.

The permit will require their contractor’s state license number.
The work needs to meet city standards and will be inspected by the city.


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